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Cascade Park Volunteers

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Our village is full of many people who donate their time, muscles, and sweat to make our village look beautiful. Whether it is the Cascade Lions Club who plants flowers and maintains both Cascade signs on the East and West ends of town on a yearly basis, the great Parks and Rec crew that make our baseball diamonds looking spectacular for the kids for the baseball season, or for the special group today that helped clean up the Mill Pond Park flower bed. We want to thank our very own Treasurer, Karel Melius, and her husband Levi, along with Jerry and Mary Weinhold who were hard at work today and the entire spring, summer, and fall making that bed look great. These duties often do not come with a lot of fanfare, so we wanted to recognize the great job they have done and others are doing around town to keep our village looking great. 

If you are interested in helping out around Cascade as a volunteer feel free to call village hall at 920-528-8642 or email us at [email protected]. Other organizations like the fire department, first responders, rec club, and the Lions Club are always looking for help too and their contact information can be found below.

Cascade Fire Department: 920-528-8432

Cascade First Responders: Darrel Kasuboski, [email protected], 920-980-4315

Cascade Rec Club: [email protected], 920-912-1175

Cascade Lions Club: Madonna Schneider, [email protected]