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More Information on Recent High Lead and Copper Reading Letter

Hi Village Residents,

We have had several people reach out and ask questions about the Lead and Copper letter we had to send out per the DNR. We thought it might be helpful to post some of the answers to the questions we have been getting lately.

Does all of the water have lead and copper in it?

Out of the 10 households in Cascade that were tested, only one came back with very high readings. We believe this was an inaccurate test. The test taken at our well, which is distributed through all of Cascade, came back with very low lead and copper readings.

The test was taken 9/1. Why are we first getting letters now?

While the initial tests were taken on 9/1, we had to get the results back from the lab. After we received the tests back, we had to wait for the DNR to let us know what action, if any needed to be taken. We pushed back on the DNR to see if we could hold off and re-test knowing we only had one result that was throwing off everything. We had to wait for that response, but ultimately had to follow the DNR’s procedure of sending notices to everyone.

When was the last time we tested?

We last tested for lead and copper in 2017. All those tests came back fine.

What are the next steps?

We will be doing additional testing. We will have to take 20 samples over the next year. If those all come back okay, which we expect they will, we will not have to test again for another 3 years.

Where can I get more information on what is in our water?

You can call Dwayne at the village at 920-528-8642 Monday through Friday from 7-3. He has all the water results and is happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you,

Tanya Powers

Village President